Desert Reign Hoops is experienced and skilled in event management, with over 20 years of experience organizing/directing sporting events. Desert Reign Hoops is dedicated to the highest level of customer service and organization, and has assembled the best management team in the industry to ensure your experience at Desert Reign Hoops events will be positive.


Desert Reign Hoops has strategically created major events for the 2020 travel team season. With events in Las Vegas, Houston, and Orlando, Desert Reign Hoops will provide players from all across the country the opportunity to participate in first-class events, and be seen by scouting services, college coaches, press, and fans nationwide.


We believe in the value that youth basketball contributes to the sport. Our partnership with Gatorade strengthens our reach and impact. Desert Reign Hoops is proud to maintain the partnerships that they hold today and hope to continue nurturing these relationships to build a brighter future for the basketball community.